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3 New Tech Trends no Recruiter can Ignore


For most of recruiters, technology is an essential part of the daily routine. It helps them in finding and hiring employees quicker while avoiding the potential mistakes linked with manually screening hundreds of CVs. Here are some new technological trends any recruiter should consider:

1. Video Recruitment

It is a growing trend on the market with players like Video Recruit or JobVite.
The concept is quite simple : the company replaces the first round of interviews with video recruiting. Questions are pre-recorded and the candidate is given 48 hours to answer it.

For the candidate it is live so he cannot pause or rehearse the questions, exactly like a live interview. Yet, it is easier to arrange since he can do it at his own convenience. This also frees time for the recruiter who can record the questions once for all and doesn’t need to be present. The recruiter can therefore better allocate his precious time to only the shortlisted candidates. This shortens the time to hire and saves time and money to the hiring company.