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4 Things you Should do to Build your Social Referral


Referral machines are built on the principle that high achievers know other high achievers. When employees share their trusted contacts for any openings with the organization, the recruiting reach of the company grows exponentially – which means companies can wait for the right talent to come to them. Each time an employee talks about the company, job opportunities and culture, it boosts the employer brand in a way that is unmatched by any traditional employer branding spend.

According to a People Matters Poll, referrals (at 50.3%) are the most trusted source to identify top talent. However, in today’s context it is social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook that are more familiar with the network of the employees than the companies own recruiting department. Here are four steps that companies need to follow to leverage their social referrals:

1) Maintain online communication

For referrals to be successful, employees and alumni must be aware of existing openings. Companies often struggle with the issue of how to keep open jobs on the referral radar of the employees. They employ a number of methods including mailers, company social networks and team meetings to make employees aware of available jobs.