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CV-Library Launches Social Recruiter 100


As social recruitment becomes increasingly significant within the industry, CV-Library, the UK’s largest job site, is excited to announce the launch of its Social Recruiter 100 boards. Giving recruiters across the country the opportunity to track their social recruitment efforts, this latest feature from the job site simply highlights the growing importance of social media in today’s recruitment race.

The new, definitive leaderboards from CV-Library allow recruitment professionals to see how they rank against their competition on social media. Furthermore, the job site has made it possible for recruiters to link their work Twitter accounts to the leaderboards, giving professionals the opportunity to shout about their position in the league tables.

Revamped for 2016, a detailed search functionality enables recruitment professionals to see where their company ranks on the UK’s only social recruiter board. Other features include:

  • Web badges, detailing each professional’s social recruitment achievements
  • Three different categories, including a new board for individuals
  • Options to register both individually, and as part of an agency or company

With tables calculated independently using a Klout Score to measure how engaged an agency or company’s social media following is, the Social Recruiter 100 reveals the industry’s most influential figures on social media.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments:

“The recruitment industry thrives on competition, and our new leaderboards will encourage healthy rivalry between companies, and individual professionals. The Social Recruiter 100 aims to set a benchmark for social recruiters, encouraging constant growth, as well as providing an incentive to really harness the power of social media recruitment; those participating will be able to shout to their peers about their achievements, and further enhance their recruiter brand.

“This new feature from CV-Library is a great way for recruiters to make themselves heard; whether they’re competing as an individual, or as part of a large company, everyone stands a chance at making the top 100. Anyone can set up a Twitter account, but our new leaderboards will encourage recruiters to use the platform effectively to ensure they send the right message, to the right people, at the right time. When it comes to social media recruitment, this is what’s most important.” concludes Biggins.

To review your position on the leaderboards or sign up to Social Recruiter 100, visit here. Additionally, to find out more about Klout, visit here.

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