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Finding Diamonds: Using Employee Referrals for Sales Recruiting


Great sales people are like diamonds: they’re hard to find and harder still to ensure they’re the real thing.

There’s plenty of sales people out there who may look like quality candidates. But remember—a piece of quartz looks deceptively like a diamond. And putting a piece of quartz in an engagement ring can get you in lots of trouble.

Filtering out the best sales team applicants is crucial. Otherwise, you end up hiring less valuable talent than you’re hoping. That means less-than-optimal results.

Which Type of Sales Person Do You Need?

The first step to finding the right talent is knowing exactly what you want in a sales person. In essence, there are two types of sales people:

  • Hunters, who drag in brand new opportunities and deals through cold calling, networking and hitting the pavement.
  • Farmers, who nurture and grow warm prospects and current clients into strong customers loyal to your company.

These are two very different types of sales people with very different styles and characteristics. When you know the type of salesperson you need, your HR team can identify the traits and characteristics required to succeed and test your candidates for them.