Four steps to finding and keeping killer employees (infographic)


So many startups and tech companies are hiring and searching for talent right now that diving into the hiring pool might seem a surefire way to break your neck.

What’s a desperate company to do?

Some are gamifying the recruiting system and paying for referrals. Others are sending birthday cards to engineers who don’t yet work for them (not creepy at all). Companies like Kixeye are slagging the competition, while many startups are relying on video to find the perfect candidate. Yet others are using old-fashioning head-hunting techniques in new-fashioned ways., however, says there are four key steps to finding and fostering “super talent”: recruitment (we find you, not you find us), significant retention strategies, pay-for-performance, and talent management.


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December 12, 2012 in Infographics, Talent Managment