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How Data Analysis is Transforming the Hiring Process


Though big data has already had its moment in the sun as an industry buzzword, today it’s more relevant to hiring employees than ever before. Talent analytics give companies tremendous advantages as they search for the right candidate to fill a position. They go beyond traditional psychometric tests, which ask personality questions during the recruitment process to try to glean more about a candidate. Questionnaires only go so far, though. They test for certain behavioral traits, but they often forget to gain insight about a person’s work ethic and broader values. This is where talent analytics can bring immediate results to the hiring process.


Unlike a psychometric test, software suites like Jazz analyze dozens of personality traits in a comprehensive way. Valuable dimensions like Productivity, Leadership, and Domain Expertise are cross-referenced to provide a detailed view of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. You end up with a more accurate portrayal of how prospective employees will behave when they’re actually in the role.