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Increasing Number of Jobseeker CVs Contain Inaccuracies, Finds The Risk Advisory Group


A growing number of job seekers are including false or inaccurate information on their CVs. A recent analysis of 5,500 CVs by The Risk Advisory Group’s employee screening experts found that 70 per cent contained inaccuracies. This is up from 63 per cent of CVs containing discrepancies last year and suggests that employers without adequate screening procedures in place could be making hiring decisions without all the facts.

While men and women are equally likely to lie on their CV, 25 to 32 year-olds emerged as the worst offenders, accounting for 38 per cent of all CV discrepancies.  Younger candidates of between 18 and 24 years old are typically much less likely to lie or be inaccurate on their CV, with only 12 per cent of discrepancies associated with this age group.

Academic experience and employment history are two of the most common areas for inaccuracy.  63 per cent of CVs analysed by The Risk Advisory Group this year contained inconsistencies relating to academic experience while 43 per cent contained employment history discrepancies.