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Recruitment 101: We’re not in Kansas Anymore


Recruitment is a multi-billion pound global industry but changing jobs is singularly one of the most terrifying experiences we go through in our lives. In recruitment we find people jobs. It does not matter if that person is a payroll clerk or the CEO of a Fortune 500. People come to us when they are looking for a new role; more and more these days we go to them when they are not.

Every time we place someone like you into a new organisation you trust us as the consultant; you believe it when we tell you that it will be okay and the move will be great for your career. You trust that we have your best interest at heart and that the move is something you need/should/want to do. Only very recently I was I reminded just how important that trust is and how scary it is to change jobs. There is so much doubt and so many things to consider, especially if, like me you have been at your organisation for a long time.

Some consultants and organisations can be quite blasé when trying to sell people an opportunity, only seeing the fee not the person behind it. When some recruiters ask people to trust them, they don’t take into account the very real fact that there is a person whose life is being entrusted to them; whose world is being put fairly and squarely into their hands and that operating with anything less than absolute integrity and honesty is at best disrespectful and at worst career damaging.