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Sponsorship Saves UK from ‘Brain Drain’


With EU workers in the UK feeling uncertain in their standing sponsorship could provide certainty to British business

The Brexit date is set. We’re out by March 2019 and the UK is already facing an employment emergency. A recent study showed that over 40% of highly-skilled EU City workers are debating leaving the UK before the 2019 deadline. Current political rhetoric and more security in European countries, for many people leaving, seem like the better alternative, causing a massive ‘brain drain’ across all sectors.

The figures are especially concerning for small and medium sized business as the European counterparts take advantage of free movement and the attractions Europe has for recent graduates especially in law and business.

A dwindling skills deficit will leave many medium and smaller businesses without the key attributes needed to compete with their competitors in Europe as we dive into uncertain times.

“Sponsor licences are easy to come by and are a lot more straight forward than people expect,” Liam Gallagher of the Immigration Advice Service says after noticing a rise in visas from European countries.

“The UK visa system can often feel mystifying with many companies not realising that applying for a licence to sponsor foreign workers can be completed in a matter of weeks. “

Moreover, with a specialist lawyer who can help navigate the red tape around dealing with the Home Office finding the right candidate regardless of their passport becomes exponentially quicker.

“British companies need to innovate in order to keep up with the rest of the world, not hiring internationally is curbing your own potential.” Gallagher continues.

Recent research backs him up with over 6 million STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Maths) graduates in China and India, being a business with a sponsorship licence could provide UK businesses with the best employees from across the globe.