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Why Successful Recruiting Starts With Inbound Candidates


Many people are looking for new opportunities this year—50% of US workers are thinking of making a career change in 2016. This means there are more active job seekers out there, eager to explore the right career move. For employers, there’s more opportunity to attract the right talent via inbound recruiting.

There have never been more ways to recruit talent, from staffing firms and talent marketplaces to employee referrals and online job postings. All of these tactics fall into two basic approaches—they are either designed to help you recruit inbound (active) candidates or outbound (passive) candidates.

Inbound recruiting is about attracting candidates who are actively engaged with your brand, searching for jobs or open to new opportunities, even though they may not be ready to apply. Examples include people finding you in job search, referrals who apply, career fairs, applications from social recruiting, visitors to your career site.