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1 in 10 Women Working in Marketing say they’ve Been Held Back Due to Gender


1 in 10 women believe they have been held back in a marketing role as a result of their gender, according to new research commissioned by digital marketing company Episerver as part of its ‘Digital Ninety-Nines’ project, set up to promote female leaders in digital marketing, IT and tech.

The Episerver research reveals that female marketers are four times more likely than men to feel they’ve been held back as a result of their gender. Yet women across the marketing industry report a greater degree of job satisfaction (89%) than their male counterparts (80%).

women-1209678_960_720Named after Amelia Earhart’s 1929 international organisation of women pilots, Episerver’s ‘Digital Ninety-Nines’ project sets out to honour and observe the achievements of women in marketing and technology around the world. The Digital Ninety-Nines initiative includes input, interviews and support from high profile women across Amaze, Microsoft, IBM and Provasi Capital. At Episerver’s recent Ascend USA user conference held in Las Vegas, women shared their insights on working in the space. Participants included leaders in industries from finance to tech and companies including Forrester and FitForCommerce.

Commenting on the research findings, Jessica Fardin, senior director of marketing and channel programs at Episerver, said:

“Episerver has witnessed major developments in the digital marketing industry over the last twenty years, yet the industry is lagging in its inclusion and appointment of women in significant technology leadership roles. Women make up only 17% of the UK technology sector – a figure that drops for senior positions.

“On International Women’s Day, Episerver is keen to raise awareness for the fundamental role that women can play in digital marketing and IT and champion those who are leading the way through our Digital Ninety-Nines project.”

For further information, or to access the latest interviews and content from the Digital Ninety-Nines, visit To find out more about how you can get involved in International Women’s Day 2017, visit


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