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10 Articles that show Video Recruitment is the Future


One of the big developments within the world of recruitment is the field of video interviewing. Here at Recruitment Buzz we have been asking our readers if their clients have been using video interviewing more. 18% of them said that ‘Yes, there has been some increased usage’ and 24% said ‘Yes, much more than in previous years’.

It seems that whilst more and more innovations combining video and recruitment enter the fray, recruitment professionals are sitting up and taking notice. If you’d like to find out more about the importance of video interviewing and its firm footing in the future of recruitment, check out the articles below…


r141.  Strengths – Based Video Interviewing: The Next Big Thing

Advances in technology have changed the world of recruitment no-end. Organisations are spoilt for choice when it comes to new and emerging technologies and techniques to help them source and recruit new candidates. A notable advancement is video interviewing. It has become a popular concept for many organisations around the world and with more and more acknowledgement from large corporations; video interviewing is definitely here to stay.

This of course, comes as no surprise when you take into account the frustrations of traditional face-to-face and telephone interviewing; from poor telephone line connection to non-attendance, from travel costs to the issue of dealing with disengaged interviewees.



r152.  Video Interviewing Finally Arrives In 2013

It’s been about 2 years since I ran a four-part series designed to help you decide if video interviewing is a recruiting solution you should explore. If you are in the early stages of using or are considering the use of video interviews, here is the series:

• The Power of Video Interviewing
• The Benefits & ROI of Video Interviews
• Advantages of Video Interviewing
• Recruiting and the Use of Video Interviews

Since then, video interviewing has grown by leaps and bounds. The number of companies using video interviewing and the range of choice in solutions have increased dramatically. In just a short time, it’s shifted from pioneering technology to emerging best practice in talent acquisition.



r163. Chief of Police recruitment video goes viral

A US town police department’s mission to recruit its new chief has resulted in an arresting viral video.

The Hillsboro Police Department from Oregon have released a video where officers appear responding to spoof crime situations to highlight what they’re looking for in their new leader.

The $9,000 publicly-financed video was made by a local production company over a span of three days in July.

In the video, one officer says: “As you can see, we like having fun here at Hillsboro. But really it’s because we’re passionate about what we do, we’re all family.



r174. Is the Future of Recruitment and Job Search in Mobile/Video?

People are connected to the Internet at almost any time of the day. More cell phone users carry Smartphones or Android devices that allow them to get online instantly wherever they have a WIFI or mobile connection.

When traveling, people use their cell phones to complete online simple tasks such as checking email, participating on social media websites or watching videos. More companies are creating their websites to be “mobile-friendly” and posting videos for people to watch.

When waiting in line, traveling or just “taking a break,” some people may also perform searches for various topics online. There are those who are even job searching online too. Since so many people rely on their cell phones for online access, it would be ideal for companies to make their company websites accessible by mobile phone or even post videos.



r185. Video interviewing – sustainable trend or passing fad?

The last few years have seen a strange mismatch taking place in our industry. The pace of innovation in recruitment technology has never been quicker but, against a background of continuing economic uncertainty, the pace of adoption of new approaches and technologies from employers has arguably never been slower.  Unless an innovation can prove that it will provide quick and lasting value, its chances of mass adoption are limited.

With this in mind, my company Metashift recently embarked on a three-month research project into the emerging world of video interviewing technologies.  I was keen to find out whether this was an important trend or yet another faddish false start in the evolution of the recruitment process.

It became clear very early on in our research that different employers have different definitions of what ‘video interviewing’ is, and this is potentially causing a lot of confusion when its impact in the marketplace is being discussed.



r196. Are Video Interviews the Future of Hiring?

Job interviews have always been intimidating. What to wear, what to say, how to prepare — mastering the art of the interview is a job within itself. With the growing popularity of video interviewing, that job could get a bit more confusing.

This detailed infographic, created by PGI, explores the growth and reasoning behind video interviews, including a few secrets for best Skype practices.

So during your next online interview, try sitting up straight in good lighting – it just might land you the job.



r207. Top 5 Recruitment Videos – Not to be missed!

Regular Recruitment Buzz readers will be aware that here at HQ, we love a good recruitment video. We’ve been busy sharing them with our audience for some weeks now and we’ve certainly learned a thing or two about how businesses are attempting to go viral with their quirky videos.

But who comes out on top? Here’s our definitive list… enjoy!



r218. Recruitment by Video: now Consultants are Hiring the ‘techy’ way

Gone are the days when video calls were more of a burden than a benefit. Just a few years ago the video on the screen looked more like a mass of moving dots than a real, live human being! It used to freeze frequently, disrupt the internet connection and crash the computer.

Now, thankfully, technology is much slicker, enabling recruiters to make the most of communicating to candidates near and far.

But, is it as good as face-to-face interviewing? Will we all eventually embrace the technology? Can it really be the future for recruitment agencies?

Fresh talent from further afield

Whether it’s Skype or Face Time, recruitment consultants are taking full advantage of the easy-to-use technology to access a wider pool of talent than would normally be available if they only did face-to-face interviews.



r229. 63 Percent of Companies Use Video Interviews

A new OfficeTeam survey has revealed that 63 percent of HR managers said their company often uses video technology to conduct employment interviews.

This is a stratospheric jump from 2011 when just 14 percent reported the same. Over the next three years, 13 percent of respondents said their organizations would more aggressively pursue video interviews while 85 percent predict the number of video interviews to remain the same. When asked how frequently their company conducted video-based job interviews, HR managers responded:

• Very often – 53 percent in 2012 compared to 1 percent in 2011
• Somewhat often – 10 percent in 2012 compared to 13 percent in 2011



r2310. Video Recruitment: Why you should be a part of it

Technology has changed the way we live; and we’ve come a long way since the advent of the humble text message. We are in the age of smartphones, a time when just about everyone has the internet at their fingertips and social networking is an everyday occurrence rather than a novel way to keep in touch. Our ability and desire to embrace technology in everyday life has led recruiters to jump on the technology bandwagon – from advertising jobs online to utilising social media, they have been relatively quick to keep up with the latest trends. One piece of technology that is currently taking the industry by storm is the use of video in recruitment.