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10 Elements of Recruitment Analysis Learned from Sales Analysis


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Despite the trend “recruitment is like marketing,” we think recruitment is more like sales. Ok, employer branding sounds like marketing. But for the most part? It’s sales. Sales convert leads to customers. Recruiters convert candidates to hires. The process is the same: sifting through hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of prospects to find the ones that fit your business and help improve your bottom line.

As much as they are alike, recruitment is far behind sales in term of analysis. Barely anything is measured. Mostly everything is impulsive. Like this: company needs to hire someone, company posts job ads everywhere (including non-relevant sites) to collect a bunch of CVs, company only replies to the ones they like, company plays (random) mind games with them during an interview, then company hires one and dumps the rest of the applicants. Later it turns out that the hire isn’t that great, so company repeats the cycle.



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