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10 Quick Tips To Build Your Employer Brand


Attracting and retaining talent should be part of every business strategy, and a large part of this strategy is your employer brand. The internet allows a company to reinforce a positive brand message through the use of social media, review sites (such as Glassdoor) and corporate blogs. Continually improving and enhancing your brand will compliment any recruitment efforts and help build an engaged and happy workforce. Below are 10 quick tips on the areas you should be paying particular attention to when planning and implementing your employer branding strategy.

1) Be clear and consistent

If you’ve a muddled, confusing or over complicated brand message it’s probably not going to attract many people to believe in it, let alone promote it to others. Make sure that your messaging is simple and quick to explain and understand, this will enable your employees and brand ambassadors to remember it easily and share with other without losing anything in translation. Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful medium and any messaging should be optimised for use in such channels.
Once you’ve established an employer brand, don’t start altering your message or trying to change the core values held therein, you’ll soon lose the interest of employees and potential champions of your brand.