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10 Reasons Why your Employee Engagement Strategy isn’t Working


Many firms find it easy to talk the talk when it comes to employee engagement strategies. But when it comes to walking the walk, some of them become as unsteady as a baby giraffe, on rollerskates, on ice.

Some proudly shout their new employee engagement programmes from the rooftops – then do the polar opposite of what they have promised. This is worse than having no employee engagement strategy at all – as it leads to temporary false optimism from your staff.

So, if you’re still seeing no sign of a motivated and engaged workforce, the following could pinpoint where you may be going wrong…

Window dressing:

Be wary as to how you position employee engagement with your staff. Several of them might have read articles on how firms are using employee engagement to increase their chances of profitability. HR News blogger Gary Cattermole advised firms to call their staff engagement programmes anything but that.