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10 Social Recruitment Articles Not to be Missed


We understand that it is hard to keep afloat of all the comings and goings of social recruitment, so instead of wandering aimlessly hoping to come across a social recruitment jackpot, we’ve scoured the net for you!

Take a peek at this great little goldmine of the 10 articles you need but perhaps couldn’t find – all in one place!


1. How to Captivate Candidates with Your LinkedIn Presence

The future of HR/recruiting is the history of marketing. Ask an HR professional or recruiter what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ll tell you that they want to be taken seriously — like those marketing professionals who get all the budget and have a seat at the… well, you know.

And the market is definitely pushing HR and recruiting in that direction: we know we can no longer push information to candidates (either current or prospective); we must appeal to them, draw them in, and offer them information that solves a perceived problem.



2. Top 20 Recruitment Leaders to Follow on Twitter

Let’s be honest, there are A LOT of people on Twitter and for anyone just joining the site trying to find, let alone connect with the right people can be a challenge at the best of times.

So we at Recruitment Buzz have compiled a list of the top 20 recruitment influencers you should be following on Twitter, if you’re new to the industry and looking to find the recruitment superstars or just want to see how many of these you are already following, take a look below…



r313. Recruiters…Take the lesser travelled roads of Social Media

When it comes to social media, very few industries have embraced it as whole-heartedly as recruitment has, except maybe marketing. However as somebody who spends a scary amount of his day on social media, I have started to notice something…

Recruiters are kind of stuck in the mud.

LinkedIn has been conquered to the point where I fully expect to log on one day to find the recruitment industry has planted a flag in the LinkedIn logo. Facebook is now a recruiter’s best friend for doing some pre-interview screening to double-check on a potential candidate’s work ethic. Twitter is a never ending conveyor belt of Job postings and blog posts (but please, stop sharing articles from two years ago, it makes me sad). Even Google+ has been embraced to a large degree as a handy tool for networking and helping one’s own SEO.



4. Recruiters: When Should you be Posting on Social Networks

Recruiters, are you finding it hard to take advantage of social networks to maximise your reach? Are you realising the potential but not seeing any rewards?

Chances are you could be one of the many employers who use methods such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn at the wrong time in the day! We’ll let you in on a little secret – the infographic below details the peak times to make an impact and those moments you should avoid!



r185. 7 valuable Facebook statistics you should know for a more engaging Facebook page

One of the things we focus on most at Buffer is the best time to post to Twitter and Facebook. This is because we want to help you get more engagement with your audience, which is beneficial for everyone.

While the best time to post is definitely important, there are some other things to keep in mind. I had a look at what kind of updates work best for Facebook pages to increase interaction and found 7 interesting statistics that you’ll probably find useful if you’re trying to make your page more engaging.



19510296. Here is why social skills and digital literacy are ‘must-have’ skills for new age employees

Post the global economic slowdown, both working professionals and students are eager to upgrade themselves. From having international qualifications to acquiring a global experience, candidates are tying up all the loose ends to increase their chances of grabbing good employment opportunities. “Corporate India is becoming more global and diverse as organisations across sectors are recruiting talents from various geographies,” says Moorthy K Uppaluri, CEO, Randstad, India.



7. Social Media Friend or Foe? Some Use Social Media to Get Hired, Others to Get Fired

In recent news there have been major developments on government spying on Americans through phone, email, and social media. Government is not the only group looking at personal social media accounts. We have soon discovered that anything that is posted online could be discovered by unintended audiences, especially employers.

An article on CNN features 10 stories of individuals who were fired based on their actions on social media. One story showcases a bitter anonymous barista’s blog featuring over 250 distasteful posts, yet 21,000 likes on Facebook. Needless to say, the power of social media turned this sour barista into an ex-barista. And she’s probably still bitter.



tr8. Social Media vs. Job Boards

These are confusing times. If you believe the media hype, learning to recruit on social media is a no-brainer and something HR departments must embrace. Job boards are dated and in decline. LinkedIn is mauling recruitment agencies up and down the land. Err, no. Not even close.

The trouble is that just about everyone commenting on these developments has a very strong reason to champion one cause or another. Objectivity is in short supply.



DSC_71309. The Pros and Cons of Social Media Recruitment

With billions of people using social media networks around the world these websites look here to stay. As such, a growing number of businesses are finding that social media networks are not only a useful tool for promoting their brand, but for recruitment as well.

While some business owners have already embraced social media networks as part of their recruitment drive others have remained cautious, often using them at a minimum, if at all.

The media and all those consultants standing to gain from ignorance about social recruiting have everything to gain by talking up the “watershed moment” confronting us. Those in the recruitment agency business are clearly not going to hasten their own demise by acknowledging that fundamental changes are afoot. Job boards, meanwhile, sound like they have their head in the sand when they claim that social media represents as much of an opportunity as it does a threat.



10. Is LinkedIn Killing the Recruitment Industry?

They say that curiosity killed the cat, a reference to the dangers of unnecessary experimentation. Herein lies perhaps the answer to the question of whether LinkedIn is in the process of pushing the executive search and recruitment industry over the cliff. Many clients and candidates ask me how LinkedIn has affected our executive search business in the past few years.

LinkedIn reported that in January it passed the level of 200 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. From LinkedIn’s demographics and statistics for last year, I notice that Thailand has 300,000 registered members of the online service.