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10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees


Employees are the oars that keep your boat moving. Your company’s success is highly dependent on their daily productivity, creativity, and commitment to the vision.

When employees are unhappy and disengaged, various issues may arise. Negligence, decreased productivity, damaged brand reputation, and loss of revenue are just a few of the effects of employee dissatisfaction.

As the work culture is changing, employees no longer feel the need to stay with a company if they are unhappy with its culture and environment. Hence, the additional problem of employee retention.

Low morale is not something you can take for granted. Companies need to take better care of employees and address morale issues. Any management consultant will tell you the same thing. In fact, studies suggest that happy employees are 12% more productive, while unhappy employees are 10% less productive. This is why you need to look out for the 10 warning signs of unhappy employees.

When employees start feeling unhappy in their workplace, they generally hide this from other colleagues and their bosses. They also take some time to assess within themselves if they really are unhappy or if it’s just a mood swing or temporary setback.

However, as time goes by, this unhappiness will surface and manifest in their body language. They will also start expressing their dissatisfaction—be it to friends, colleagues, or social media.

If you have a suspicion that one or some of your employees are unhappy in the workplace, you can check if they manifest these 10 warning signs.