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10 Ways to Make your Recruitment Team More Productive


As a manager it’s often left to you to raise team morale, depending on the attitude of team members this is either difficult or quite simple to do.

Either way, these 10 points below should help you increase the productivity in your recruitment team which usually means you will b smashing KPIs and making more money.

  1. Look into recruitment technologies.

As a manager, you need to take advantage of the latest software, hardware, and information technology. Technology is a quick and effective way to increase productivity and there are lots of recruitment software products available to recruiters. I’d recommend Talent Ticker, a technology aims to make recruiters more productive by reducing admin and saving recruiters time. It currently only covers the Finance and Banking industry with the view to do more in 2018. Looking into automation can not only help recruiters be productive but they’ll also be a lot happier as they will make more money!

  1. Stick to and use your company vision and mission statements.

Aligning your team goals to the of the companies vision and mission can give the team additional direction. You will be showing your team how they are working towards a common goal for the greater good of the company, this also boosts retention and improves staff engagement. It’s important to show recruiters how the mission statement relates to them.

  1. Get to know each individual motivations.

We know recruiters are often money motivated but what else is important to the individual? By getting to know your team and genuinely showing an interest, team members will warm to you and therefore be more honest when talking to you. You’ll be able to drill down into their motivations for working hard and what they want to achieve in their life, using these motivations to get what you need from them. Remembering what people have done and asking how their weekends were (for example) can help you build a stronger connection. When you’ve got their trust they are more likely to work hard and go the extra mile.

  1. Appreciate good work.

Most people, especially sales people, love to be congratulated for a deal. Lots of offices have ditched the ‘placement bell’ for a simple clap but whatever it is it’s important to that person to see that they’ve done a good job. You should then follow it up directly with them and ask them why they think it went so well, this enables them to reflect on what went well and do more of that in the future.  When employees feel loved by their boss they are less likely to leave and performance generally increases.

  1. Push people to do what they don’t think they can do.

It’s important to put people outside of their comfort zones as it’s the only way they are going to grow. It’s important you allow people to try, accepting that they may fail. The sense of achievement when something goes well will far outweigh the uncertainty leading up to it and it will be enjoyable to watch colleagues and reports grow into their roles. Checking-in and challenging people is also a great way to accelerate learning and promotes self-reflection.

  1. Give team members ownership of tasks.

The more your team can work autonomously, the more time you have to focus elsewhere. By allowing them to have ownership of tasks and lead themselves not only will you have more freedom but they’ll flourish with the additional responsibility and will like that you’ve trusted them with the task. For example, give them a challenge such as ‘How can we increase our candidate retention by 10%’ and then see what ideas are brought back.

  1. Hire well and keep them.

In such a competitive market place it can often be hard to find and retain good recruitment consultants. In an ideal world we’d like to hire passionate and driven people who understand the job and the market. In reality, sometimes we have to make sacrifices and go out on a whim when hiring. Often these whims pay off, and sadly sometimes they don’t. Part of being a manager is to help people get the most out of their career, and identifying when the fit isn’t right.

  1. Create a good working environment.

A bad working environment fosters complacency and unhappy employees. By creating a friendly and social team atmosphere people can be themselves. Encourage talking around the desk, but do limit this and it can make a job more enjoyable, and people can learn from others around them. Having someone to talk to helps keep stress levels low and improves overall happiness.

  1. Hold stand-up meetings.

Stand-Up meetings encourage people to get off their rears and get the blood pumping to their head. They are often quick but productive meetings and people go back to the desk feeling enthused. Daily standups could consist of what I did yesterday and what I’m going to do today. This is great for sharing and means that everyone knows what the others are up to, helping overall respect of team members.

  1. Set realistic goals.

As mentioned earlier we need to set goals aligned to the companies objectives. If we set the bar too high, people won’t stand a change and will not be motivated to reach it. If we set the bar too low then people stop working once the target has been hit. Often in recruitment companies they set 3 targets, spaced out with prizes improving at each level. This is a great way to encourage people to keep striving for more.

This was written by Recruitment Software company Talent Ticker. For more information on how Talent Ticker can make your recruitment company more productive and improve efficiencies within your business then visit our website , where you can also try Talent Ticker today.