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10x Psychology Expands its Global Reach Through Partnership with Front Talent


10x Psychology, the leading psychometrics provider, has today announced a new strategic partnership with renowned HR consultancy Front Talent. The partnership establishes 10x Psychology in the UAE region and strengthens Front Talent’s reputation as a highly-skilled talent management provider for businesses operating in the Middle East.

Through this collaboration, Front Talent will be able to enhance the way that prominent businesses in the UAE manage their recruitment and HR processes. 10x Psychology will support this goal by providing its suite of predictive psychometric tools to bolster Front Talent’s existing services, allowing companies to understand the probability of success for each candidate, and how their skills are likely to change over time.

10x Psychology will also help Front Talent find the right applicants for its clients and further support their recruitment processes with intuitive testing that identifies the core skills needed for the role. This will not only help companies find the right people for the job, but will also support their wider business strategy, enabling HR and leaders to agree a long-term plan for the company.

The announcement follows Front Talent’s work with a significant government entity in the UAE. The government body will be taking full advantage of 10x Psychology’s tools to help it make informed decisions on its applicants and improve the overall organisation.

Teams from 10x Psychology and Front Talent will also collaborate on regional conferences – including the International Psychology Conference in Dubai – to highlight how occupational psychology can bring value to both employees and the wider business.

Nick Shaw, Managing Director of 10x Psychology, says:

“Employee ability is not static – it changes over time. Our aim is to help Front Talent’s clients to anticipate these changes and improve the experience between the employee and employer. Sourcing the right people has never been more important and understanding how individuals will change over time can help planning sessions and make work allocation a much more effective process. Our partnership with Front Talent will not only allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their applicants, but also predict how their performance will develop over time.”

Khaled S. Fathi, Managing Director at Front Talent, says:

“Our partnership with 10x Psychology will enable us to integrate modern assessment tools, predictive analytics and innovative solutions into our core offering. It’s a collaboration based on mutual objectives, shared goals and a singular vision. 10x Psychology shares our commitment to understanding the objectives and values of our clients, as well as providing world-class, exceptional service based on authentic, transparent and long-lasting relationships. There is a growing demand in the Middle East for innovative tools to manage talent in organisations, and this partnership will help businesses in this region to find and develop the very best talent.”


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