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10x Psychology Launches New Predictive Solutions to Enable Leaders to Make More Informed Decisions about Their People


10x Psychology, the leading psychometrics and HR analytics provider, has today announced the launch of its new suite of highly interactive talent solutions, designed to help employers make quick, informed recruitment decisions based on the most relevant talent data.

The products were recently showcased at an exclusive preview event in London, to a highly knowledgeable expert audience comprising of senior decision-makers from several leading global companies.

The innovative solutions utilise industry-leading psychometric measurements and survey tools, blended with the latest techniques in predictive science and machine learning. Deployed through an intuitive dashboard, the system can deliver highly accurate, real-time people insights for clients.

These new products are:

10x Predict – the next generation of talent measurement solution which compares a candidate’s psychometric assessment results with the in-role performance levels of individuals with similar profiles, providing hiring managers with robust information on the candidate’s future performance. This can include the candidate’s likely length of service, timeline for promotion, wellbeing and resilience, and insight into the competencies that underpin their future potential.

10x Optimize– applies the leading methodology from the 10x Predict solution to the organisation’s internal talent. This approach enables organisations to pinpoint the different competencies and values that drive performance within the company and assess employees’ capabilities against relevant benchmarks. The dashboard also provides insight and tools to track how employees develop over time, as well as a 360 and pulse-rater tool, which enables participants to track progress self-sufficiently over time.

10x Hire – a self-contained talent measurement solution that enables hiring managers to select, onboard and develop new staff. Within the interactive dashboard managers can measure and compare candidates against specific criteria defined by the business, create an interview guide, input other assessment data from additional sources, and view relevant development insights to optimise the new joiner’s performance on an ongoing basis. This solution also contains a quality of hire survey, enabling ongoing evaluation of how and where the organisation is raising the bar on the talent it is hiring.

10x Grad Hire – draws upon the principles of 10x Hire to deliver a solution specific to graduates. A combination of components from 10x Psychology’s assessment suite and data from pre-determined comparison groups gives hiring managers better insight into potential graduate recruits, allowing them to assess candidates and identify top talent efficiently.

Reporting and data for all the solutions can be viewed and manipulated real-time in the dashboard, providing actionable, people insight.  Results can be viewed at whichever level of detail a user needs, from simple high-level insights and recommendations, to detailed and complex views and customisable comparisons.

Nick Shaw, Manging Director of 10x Psychology, comments:

“Now more than ever, companies need to be extremely thorough in their recruitment processes in order to secure the best talent. Our new suite of solutions provide holistic talent measurement, giving companies a complete view of their talent, from selection into onboarding and development. They aim to address the typical pain points of recruitment and make sure new staff will fit in and perform well in the role, while also optimizing the company’s existing talent. The solutions include predictive performance elements which use the latest data analytic techniques to provide insight into likely length of service, potential and wellbeing factors including resilience. As business’ needs change, this real-time insight on people will help companies understand who will continue to raise the bar on performance and the specific development needs these individuals require – something that has been nearly impossible up until now. By gaining a deeper understanding of their staff, companies can anticipate these changes along with training demands and even wellbeing needs to keep their talent on board and motivated effectively over time.”