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12 Tips To Reduce Your Candidate No-Shows


Candidates going AWOL on the day of their interview is a frustrating a fact of life (or the hiring process) for most HR and recruitment professionals but it doesn’t have to be.

Reduce your candidate no-shows with our essential tips!

27864602595_864f07cfaa_b4 Vital Steps For Hiring Managers

Discover the four vital steps every hiring manager must take to prevent candidate no-shows

4 Essential Candidate Preparation Tips For Recruiters

Find out how to avoid the candidate no-show for that hiring manager you’re trying to impress, including:-

  • Treat candidates as people not placements. 
  • If you have a reputation for ghosting your candidates your no-shows will rise.

4 Tips To Guarantee The Second Interview

Discover the four barriers to your strongest candidates turning up for their second interview.

  • 42% of hiring managers have had no interview training.
  • Two thirds of candidates are job hoarders, follow up quickly to prevent them accepting another job offer 

To see all of our tips on how to prevent candidate no-shows in your business download our infographic here.

Make candidate no-shows a thing of the past with world class recruitment software to help you hire better people faster.