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2016 is the Year for Recruitment Marketing, Says New Report


To keep up with today’s technology-savvy job seekers, modern recruiting professionals are using recruitment marketing tools to proactively attract and engage passive candidates and build “pools” of talent for future hiring needs.

Recruitment marketing has increasingly become a core competency of talent acquisition. To keep up with today’s consumer minded job seekers, modern recruiting professionals are adopting recruitment marketing techniques and tools to establish and sustain connections with candidates.

iCIMS has released a new research study, “Recruitment Marketing: Fad or Future?” to get in-depth, data-driven insights on the relevance of recruitment marketing, and what employers and job seekers have to say about it.

iCIMS analyzed data from more than 760 human resources professionals and candidates. The research was conducted to shed light on the rise and impact of the consumer candidate and the emerging trends within recruitment marketing. The infographic below highlights some key findings from the research.