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The 2017 Tech Trends HR Can’t Ignore


Technology will yet again be the driving force behind changes to HR practice and hiring processes in 2017. Here are the 6 tech trends HR can’t ignore this year:-

Artificial Intelligence : Fuelled by the Bank of England Governor’s remarks that the machine age will ‘mercilessly’ destroy 15 million jobs, AI will continue to dominate recruitment headlines in the coming year. Fortune magazine describes 2017 as ‘the year of artificial intelligence’. Its inexorable rise in the workplace is emerging in the form of chatbots in hiring, Matlda the robot interviewer[1] and in the news that the world’s largest hedge funds company, Bridgewater Associates, intends to introduce a robotic recruitment platform to manage its hiring process. In the banking sector, RBS introduced online simulation (‘mind reading’) into its graduate recruitment process.

Cybersecurity : 2016 was the year of the hack. From allegations of the Russians hacking of the the US election to Tesco Bank and Yahoo, no brand was safe from cyber attacks. Your company’s ability to secure its data will be one of the major technology challenges in the next few years. It presents HR with the additional challenge of maintaining personal information and protecting the privacy of employees. A survey from Robert Walters and Jobsite Technology & Recruitment : The Landscape for 2017[2] found that tech professionals with cybersecurity skills will be in highest demand this year for over half of all hiring managers (54%).