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22nd June – London
Leadership Essentials Masterclass


London Leadership Essentials Masterclass is designed for emerging leaders who are either new to management, anticipate having management responsibilities in the near future or who simply want to develop even more effective approaches to leading others. It is designed to equip delegates with the confidence and ability to inspire great performance, and unleash creativity, passion and energy from individuals and teams.

Delegates will be exposed to a toolkit of proven easy to implement techniques, tools and approaches which allow us to be the type of leader we want and need to be.

Content includes:

  • Inspiring Leadership – developing Compelling Team Visions
  • Building the team – Values as a tool for developing team behaviours
  • Execution – planning for success
  • Getting the Best – setting expectations and objectives and managing performance
  • Maximise your impact – personal effectiveness and delegation
  • Feedback’s a gift – getting and giving feedback
  • Coaching for performance
  • Employee engagement – motivating the team to deliver
  • Connecting with, Influencing and Engaging different personality types

Your Coach

An in demand speaker, trainer and coach on leadership Gordon Stoddart has 10 years’ experience working with business leaders and managers enabling them to deliver success in the UK and internationally.

What they say:

  • ‘Practical everyday techniques which are easy to implement’
  • ‘I’ve been on hours and hours of training over the last 20 years but the things I learnt on the Innergy course has caused a paradigm shift in the way I live and work’
  • ‘The manuals are brilliant. I use them almost daily’
  • ‘The course was intuitive, free flowing and thought provoking’
  • ‘It has changed the way I think, the way I delegate, the way I behave and most importantly the way I listen!’
  • ‘Just a massive thank you. I wish I could have a ten min refresher every morning before I start my day!’

When: 22nd June (9.30-16.30)
Where: London