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24 Hours to Improving Recruitment Software


KPMG’s 2016 Global HR Transformation Survey found that around a quarter of employers expect cloud software to deliver greater value to their business. Nearly two thirds (63%) alo expect HR technology delivered through the cloud to improve data based recruitment decisions.

This isn’t the case for all businesses, however, who fail to embrace the advantages of the technology they’ve invested in. The good news is, a few adjustments can turn that around within 24 hours. Here’s how:-

Change your screening : Quality of hire is one of the most difficult metrics for hiring managers to measure. If you’re unhappy with the quality of applicants versus the quantity in your pipeline, adjust the filters on your applicant tracking system to introduce the use of anonymised CVs. The employment market is changing with more over 50s and over 65s in work than ever before. At the same time, not enough young people are entering  the job market to fill vacancies. Adjusting your filter will allow you to recruit the best people regardless of age, gender or social background.