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25th July – London
Art of Recruiting Series Event


How would you re-engineer or reinvent the business side of talent?

Over the past several years, #theMovement has escalated whispers of change into a roar that is reverberating around the globe.

Being a recruiter has never been one dimensional. You’re an advisor, a friend, a strategist and a confidant all rolled into one. You do so many things in a day from juggling marketing and branding, to mentoring candidates and consulting with clients. You’re everything a business needs, in one person.

As our business world has evolved and developed, this trait has become even more apparent. It’s your responsibility to connect with C-Suite and business leaders, promising to bring the best talent to their business. Talent that will transform those businesses. On a practical level you might be recruiting candidates and talking to clients, but realistically, you’re thinking about business first, and talent second.

Join us for this rare event, where we capture leaders who want to help elevate the respect and the thinking of recruitment. If you are interested in learning and sharing your experience with owners in recruitment, click here.

WHERE: London
WHEN: 25th July, 2016