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29th September – London
Direct Resourcing: Much More Than Just Direct Sourcing


Thanks to social media data employers have access to the same potential candidate pools as 3rd party recruiters. Yet, many employers are still not embracing the obvious benefits of being able to source their candidates directly. Direct resourcing allows employers to deliver the employer brand message/experience that is true to them, instead of a representation from a 3rd party recruiter.

This event looks at the benefits of direct resourcing and how a company can use it effectively to recruit the best talent. It will cover:

  • Discover the potential of a direct resourcing model. It is much more than just sourcing candidates it covers a wide range of areas including adverting, brand, referrals, candidate engagement, communication and much more.
  • Learn why it is become increasingly more important for employers to be in control of their own talent pools and talent pipelines, as candidate behaviours are changing quickly.
  • Stop believing that LinkedIn is the only option for talent, it isn’t. For example, LinkedIn has just 97M active monthly members in comparison to 1.49B on Facebook. (Statists October 2015).

WHERE: London
WHEN: 29th September, 2016