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The 3 Big IT Challenges Facing SMEs


Not that long ago, but a lifetime in terms of technological development, many SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) considered IT as just another piece of office equipment, like the photocopier. Nowadays, however, technology is an integral part of everything they do, and something they simply can’t do without.

As the importance of business technology to SMEs has escalated, so have the challenges it presents. Here are three key IT issues that SMEs need to address if they are to reap the full rewards a high-performing IT system can bring.


With such a vast array of technology on offer, it’s hard for an SME to know what will be the most cost-effective way forward. Any IT systems must justify the initial financial outlay and the time and money spent on its subsequent upkeep. Costs for future upgrades need to be factored in, as does the time taken to fix problems and the loss of productivity caused by any breaks in service.