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3 Ways Hiring Managers can Repair the Candidate Experience


A CareerBuilder survey reveals that 82 percent of employers think there’s little to no negative impact on the company when a candidate has a bad experience during the hiring process—but that couldn’t be less true. Not only can an unpleasant candidate experience reflect negatively on you and your employer brand, but Steve Lowisz, CEO of global recruitment research firm Qualigence International, says it can leave candidates feeling unappreciated and disrespected.

In a recent SHRM article by Roy Maurer, Lowisz suggests there are three things that can contribute to a negative candidate experience: a lengthy and tedious application process; failing to keep in touch with candidates after making initial contact; and lack of engagement from recruiters during the hiring process. To help your healthcare organization recruit top talent and engage with a pool of quality candidates, review your recruitment process and consider the following three tips.