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3 Ways to Measure Your Employer Brand


Your employer brand: What people say about working for your company when the boss is not in the room.

Notice that I didn’t just say employees? That’s because people like to share helpful and insightful information that they’ve heard from their friends or colleagues, whether they have worked for an organization or not. According to Edelman’s recent study, the word of your peer is trusted over the word of your company’s executive officer. This means that somewhere among family reunions, taxi cab rides, PTA meetings and frosted martini glasses, people are talking about what it’s like to work for your company.

Much of this happens face to face, but how do we track that engagement online?

Surveying your employees—both by asking formal questions and observing them in the wild—is a step in the right direction to understand your culture and reveal your employer brand. It’s not always about fancy perks and freebies in the office. Culture is how people are treated before, during and after they work for a company. How do your employees ask for directions, how are they recognized and supported?