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3 Ways to Increase Employee Vitality as you Grow


If you’re in charge of a company with an expanding client base and quick financial growth, it can be easy to forget one key factor of your company’s success — your employees. No matter how big your brand becomes, your company is nothing without the people who make it run. While it’s easy to think of your business as something that belongs only to you, it’s important to treat your employees as vital contributors to its health.

As the leader of your company, you have to highlight your brand’s big wins in a constructive and inclusive way where everyone involved — from lower to upper management — feels both valued and part of the company’s mission. During periods of rapid growth, especially, your enthusiasm for success should never overshadow the team making it all possible. These are the people working late to manage more orders, taking customer calls for every misstep, and training each new hire that walks through the door. Without them, responsible growth would be impossible.