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38% of UK Workers Suffering from Imposter Syndrome


Only 62% of the UK workforce are confident in their jobs, new data from leading job search engine Adzuna reveals.

The research delved into career confidence across the UK and can reveal that 38% of employed adults are not 100% confident they are capable of fulfilling all the requirements of their current job role, with 2% admitting they always doubt their capabilities.

Looking at the professions most in need of a confidence boost, the industries with the most employees who are not confident in their current position are:

  • Artist/Designer/Creative (52%)
  • Finance (47%)
  • Media/PR/Marketing (46%)
  • Doctor/Nurse/Dentist (44%)
  • IT (43%)

Those working in creative and technical roles are the least confident when it comes to their day job. Unsurprisingly those working in sales were revealed to be the most confident, as 78% of the workforce claim they are fully confident in their abilities, followed by plumbers, electricians and builders (72%) and those working in retail (68%).

Looking at the difference between men and women, 67% of men claim they are 100% confident in fulfilling all requirements of their current role compared to just 58% of women. It also seems career confidence comes with age, as a staggering 88% of those aged 65 or over claim they are fully confident in their ability compared to just 57% of those aged between 18 and 24 years of age.

With career confidence seemingly lacking across the UK, only 54% of employed adults said they feel completely secure in their current job with recent job losses in their industry (24%) named the number one reason for these insecurities. Others said a competitive job market (17%) and the impact of Brexit (14%) were causing them some concern.

Adzuna spoke to Tania Taylor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in Solution Focused Therapy, regarding the recent research:

“We all have negative self-talk, it’s part of being human. It’s actually a system designed to protect us from danger and to keep us alive. Whilst it’s extremely valuable in the instance of preventing us from putting ourselves in truly dangerous situations, sometimes it can manifest its way into our every thought and begin to impact on our behaviours too.

“When we can recognise negative unhelpful thoughts for what they are, we can learn to respond to them appropriately. For example, if that inner negative voice tells us “We’re not good enough”;  we can have a prepared statement ready to respond to that specific thought to help us cope better with it. “I am good enough, I got this job because of x, y, and z” and so on.

“There will be instances throughout your working day when you’re less negative towards yourself too, maybe when you’re really engaged in a project or part of your job that you love. When we identify these circumstances, we can build upon them and notice what is different and use these transferable skills for times when we’re really struggling.”

Commenting on the findings further, Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna adds:

“A competitive job market and industry can lead to some people feeling like they are left behind when it comes to updating their skill set, but it’s important to always keep up to date with your chosen industry. Seeking further development and training in your current role will help you build on your skillset whilst showing your dedication to your own career progression.

“Should you decide a new job is what you need to give yourself a confidence boost, make sure you include all of your latest experience and skills on your CV. Listing these alongside your achievements will help highlight your key strengths and could even be a confidence boost within itself!”


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