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4 Signs that your Candidate Is ‘The One’


One of the questions we are asked very often in the recruitment industry is how we can figure out which of the hundreds of applicants to a singular position is considered to be ‘the one’. Truth is, nobody ever knows that for sure right from the cover letter. Recruitment professionals can go on and on about finding the best candidate, but that is a matter of opinion in the end. Recruitment as a whole is a game of luck and chance. Sometimes the best candidate on day one could turn out to be the worst by day three of interviews. Everything is subject to change.

Yet, in saying that, we are pretty confident there are ways to ensure you decipher which candidates could be ‘the one’ if given the chance to prove themselves. Interviews are far more in-depth than cover letter and CV readings, but the tell-tale signs of a match made in recruitment heaven can linger in these first few interactions with your candidates.

If you are looking for honesty about the lighter side of the recruitment process, this guide says it all.



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