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4 Things HR Can Learn from England’s Euro 2016 Exit


Away from the fall out of the referendum vote, a second Euro exit occurred last week – that of England from the Euro 2016 finals. The team’s premature exit came at the hands of Iceland, a nation with a population of less than 330,000, roughly the same as Leicester.

What has that got to do with HR? As with Leicester City, we can draw some lessons from England’s defeat.

Culture fit is vital

Hiring a team of top performers doesn’t instantly guarantee they will work well together if the culture fit is wrong. Iceland’s team, consisting of just one Premier League player alongside some part-timers, were written off by the majority of pundits before the game yet showed spirit, cohesion and organisation. Their victory against an opposition consisting of high achieving players who should have run them off the pitch, so to speak, demonstrates the importance of selecting people who are capable of working together, especially when the odds are heavily stacked against them. Culture fit plays a significant part in this and becomes more crucial when recruiting from a limited talent pool, as Iceland’s win shows us.