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4 Ways to Keep Passive Talent Hooked


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It’s an essential part of any in-house recruitment strategy: Developing a talent pool of skilled candidates within your recruitment database.

But how do you maintain engagement with those passive candidates in between hiring spells?


1. Keep in touch with relevant job alerts
Encourage candidates to register for job alerts. You should be able to set search criteria in your ATS, which means candidates can choose to get relevant alerts based on parameters like location, sector or salary.

When you post new jobs, passive candidates will automatically receive alerts that are relevant to them.

On this note, it’s important to make sure you’re managing your talent pools effectively behind the scenes. Segment candidates based on their skills, sector and location, and develop multiple ‘mini’ talent pools of passive candidates.

This means that when an appropriate job opportunity arises, you’ll be able to dip your toe in a tailored pool of relevant candidates, rather than searching through an ocean.

2. Ask passive candidates to update their profiles
Storing passive talent in your database is only valuable if the data remains accurate.
Create a form in your ATS and send a link to candidates, which they can use to update their skills, experience, location and more.

The benefits of this are twofold. The updated profile is sent back to your Application Tracking System, so you should have more confidence that candidates’ data is reliable.

It’s also a simple and practical way of contacting passive talent, and demonstrating that you value their data and are committed to keeping in touch with them.

3. Maintain a careers social account
Creating a ‘[email protected]…’ Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account help you maintain engagement with passive candidates.

Even if you’re not actively hiring, share ‘behind the scenes’ videos, photos from staff socials and updates from current employees. This kind of content offers a window into your working culture and environment, reinforces your brand values and can engage passive talent at a human level.

4. Offer candidates an ‘insider view’
If you have an internal newsletter, consider sharing this (or an appropriately edited version) with passive candidates, particularly the ones interested in those hard to fill or costly roles.

This will help strengthen candidates’ understanding of your organisation and company culture, and will keep them informed about business priorities and updates.

Finding ways to communicate regularly with your talent pools will help to keep passive candidates engaged. But ensure that your communications have purpose and will be of value to your organisation and your candidates.

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