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5 Candidate Outreach Methods to Try this Week


t’s uncommon to eventually reach a week when activities are slightly out of order and it becomes puzzling trying to find your way back to your regular rhythm. Writers get writer’s block. Recruiters get something more like a hiring block.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your usual candidate outreach routine, try these tips:

Change the channel.

Did you know that over half of candidates prefer to be contacted through email than through any other medium, including someone they know? Many recruiters often make the mistake of relying primarily on professional networking sites as their means of communicating with a candidate, who rarely actually open such messages, let alone read through them. Candidates who provide their email convey the message that they’re open to being contacted, allowing your email to be more personalized and direct.

Rejig the style of your subject lines.

Here’s the general idea: Keep it short and compliment the candidate. To gain a candidate’s attention, express your interest by personalizing the approach, like mentioning a project or piece of work they created or calling attention to a mutual connection. Candidates are more likely to click through a message that sounds real and personalized than one that’s computer-generated and universal.