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5 Common Myths Employees Have About HR & Recruiting


I know many of you run into the same thing. You introduce yourself to someone in a non-professional setting—say a neighborhood picnic or some other social gathering. The person finds out you work in HR and/or Talent and immediately has a response. The response usually has to do with some sort of myth that is perpetuated about our profession. “Oh, you work in HR!  That must be nice, I bet you have… <fill in myth>.”

Some are so funny I wanted to share.  It always amazes me at what non-HR folks believe HR gets or controls. Here are 5 common myths non-HR employees have about HR & Recruiting:

#1 – “Oh, you’re in HR; I bet your benefits are great!”  Yeah, that’s right, I work in HR and have some influence on our benefit design, and because of this Blue Cross puts me, individually, into a special “HR Plan” for only HR Pros and we get everything 100% paid for! Sorry, but that’s part of the gig!  No influence, but I can get unlimited Xanax for free!