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5 Most in Demand Roles in the North West this Summer


The most in demand roles in the North West this summer vary from Electric Engineers to Payroll Practitioners, according to Clayton Recruitment.

The latest quarterly analysis by the Preston-based national recruitment brand has outlined the five most in demand roles across the North West region. The study was conducted by comparing vacancy levels across Clayton’s broad areas of expertise and highlights the ongoing skills shortages affecting many fields.

Tracy Bolan, Commercial Manager at Clayton Recruitment, comments:

HSEQ (Health, safety, environment and quality) Managers

“Health and Safety professionals are in huge demand across the board. No matter what industry, firms will always require expertise in this field as it’s an essential aspect in all workplaces. Much of the demand stems from the start up end of the market as growing businesses look to become more compliant with the swathes of HSEQ legislation that they have to meet. The likes of manufacturing and distribution are perhaps more obvious choices for these experts but in reality every type of business will seek expertise in this field in one way or another.”

Payroll Practitioners

“Payroll experts continue to be highly sought after in the North West for the second quarter in a row. This is self-explanatory as any organisation over a certain size will look to take on professionals in this area and there’s still a real dearth of experts in the market in both the payroll industry and in firms in other sectors. As before, demand is even greater for experienced professionals in roles like Payroll Managers and Supervisors.”

Electrical Engineers

“The engineering industry suffers from huge shortages across the board as many of you will already be aware, and Electrical Engineers are no different. For these roles in particular, much of the demand stems from the goal to decarbonise the electricity sector in this country. The entire power industry is undergoing significant change at the moment and engineers play a crucial role as they are the ones who can keep the grid running while these developments take place.”


“These professionals polish various metals across a number of manufacturing areas in order to improve the flatness of a surface so it’s ready for use in building and engineering projects. The demand stems from the fact that there are very few people operating in these roles at the moment. A decade ago, this wasn’t such a significant issue but a large proportion of the market has either moved into other fields or retired, so skilled linishers are highly sought after and can claim above the market rate in many instances.”

Accounts Specialists

“Like Payroll Practitioners, Accounts experts make the list for the second quarter in a row with a particular shortage in accounting practices. Professionals in this field tend to benefit from strong career security with the potential to earn a significant amount of money, meaning they’re often reluctant to move organisations, which means there are few available candidates in the market. Their responsibilities include dealing with the finances of an organisation from things like preparing financial records through to processing receipts and sending invoices.”


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