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5 Helpful Tips About Talent Acquisition Your Business Needs Right Now


Perfecting your talent acquisition strategy can be a challenge in a fluid jobs market. These five tips will help to transform your hiring success right now:-

Adopt Netflix’s standard for online applications : A new study from Indeed into online application processes found that around a third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on a job application. The more repetitive and drawn out your application process, the less likely your business is to attract quality candidates to your job posts. The study showed that the simplest application came from Netflix with just five screening questions and a total one-minute time to apply for vacancies at all levels. Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Salesforce (the top ranked place to work by Indeed) also recorded fast times. Investing in recruitment software with a rapid application process and the option for an easy ‘registration of interest’ will help to improve the number of qualified candidates in your pipeline.

Boost productivity and applications with flexible working : Working from home is on the rise and the number of people working flexible hours or remotely is expected to reach 60% in the next decade. In the short-term, flexible working during the Olympics may boost productivity and engagement for employees.  57% of people believe they are more productive working remotely. A talent acquisition strategy which allows for flexible working will attract more candidates to your job posts.