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5 Hiring Practices that Drive Candidates Crazy


The hiring process can be frustrating for everyone involved. On the employer’s side of things, hiring managers are consistently experiencing difficulty in finding candidates who are qualified for their company’s most important positions. These candidate searches routinely stretch over 30 days and the extreme cases are measured in months or even quarters of the business year.

For candidates, frustrations with the application process can begin before they’re even done applying for a job. According to a survey from Jibe Inc. 60% of candidates feel that job applications are more challenging to fill out than other common types of applications, including applications for a mortgage (48 percent), health insurance (46 percent), or a student loan (32 percent).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, 19% of respondents said they would rather spend a day in line at the DMV than go through the pain of applying for a job online, while 12% would rather get a root canal or go skydiving without training.