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5 Invaluable Job-Hunting Tips for Teachers


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Did you know, that a huge 50% of teachers leave their job within the first 5 years? Whilst contributing factors are typical (location and salary being the most prominent), it just shows how important it is for teachers to look for jobs that they both need and want.

Here at Affinity Education, we work with teachers of all areas and levels of experience. From NQTs looking for their first job after qualifying, to supply teachers with specific timetable requirements; our mission is to make effective recruitment matches that suit all parties.  Looking for a teaching post? If so, make use of our job-hunting tips. By keeping these in mind, you will naturally explore vacancies in line with your career and lifestyle goals.

Keep your options open

The ongoing need for educators means that the number of vacancies is heavily outweighing the number of teachers available to fill open positions. In a recent post, we shared details of a research project, one that highlighted how Wales alone is in need of 50,000 new teachers by 2024.  This means, teachers are in reach of a lot more job opportunities than ever before. Providing them with a strong bargaining position, teachers have the choice to explore a range of options before signing any contracts or agreements.

Build your portfolio

Whatever stage of your career you are on, it is a great idea to keep evidence of your portfolio. Whilst your CV will detail your experience, keeping items such as lesson plans, certificates and letters of recommendation you give the interviewer an insight into the way you work.

Do your research  

It’s important that when on the hunt for a new teaching job, you remain in the driving seat, not wasting time with applications that do not complement you and your professional vision. This can be avoided by conducting research. From digging deeper into areas, specific schools and an establishment’s teaching style you can get to grips with a post’s suitability for you. If it is suitable, you will also have put in the groundwork ready for a potential interview.

Don’t skip the job fairs

Wherever in the country you may be, there will be job fairs taking place, especially over the coming months. With school and colleges needing to ensure their staff numbers are where they should be for next term, now is a great time to attend a fair. If you do decide to visit a recruitment fair, below are a few tips to make the most of your trip:

  • Research the employers and recruitment agencies before attending. By doing so you can identify the top targets and people you want to speak.
  • Print off CVs to distribute. This will ensure you are remembered following the event.

Get the help of an agency

Job-hunting can be a lonely task; one that often comes with a great deal of pressure. This is why most teachers source the help of a recruitment agency; an approach that has plenty of benefits. From providing you with an overview of the local jobs market to having the right industry connections to bag you an interview, choosing the right agency can accelerate your job hunt two-fold.

If you are seeking an agency to help you on the hunt for a new teaching job, contact us at Affinity Education. With many years’ experience, we will be sure to provide a tailored recruitment solution suited to your needs. Contact us today for more details on how to register.


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