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5 Qualities the Best People Working in Talent Acquisition Tend to Have


What does it take to be successful in talent acquisition? In today’s workplace, with its complex list of demands, the answer isn’t straightforward. We’ve focused on five of the most essential below:-

Ability to carry out structured interviews : Recent headlines have pointed out the increasingly unusual interview questions posed, including an ‘impossible’ puzzle from Microsoft. Quirky questions may be more suited to global tech brands with a surplus of job applicants. For most employers they may have a more negative impact. Successful people in talent acquisition understand the value of structured interviews, combining competency and situational based questions with online assessments during the screening process in order to assess cognitive ability and gain an insight into culture fit.

Commitment to reducing bias : Bias or discrimination in hiring is difficult to eradicate. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is the latest organisation to bring attention to gender bias (only 14% of its global membership is female) and take steps to rectify the issue with the introduction in 2015 of its Inclusive Employer Quality Mark.