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5 Reasons for your Candidate No-Shows


As a hiring professional, one of the most frustrating elements of the entire recruitment process is the candidate who fails to attend for their interview.

Here’s why (and what you can do to reduce those no-shows):-

Painfully slow hiring process : Inviting a qualified candidate for an interview which isn’t scheduled for another month because that’s your standard procedure almost guarantees a no-show. The average time to hire is around four weeks – too long for companies serious about hiring talent. Support your hiring process with technology which tags your priority candidates and minimises the waiting time. To further reduce the chances of a no-show allow your candidates to self schedule their interview through your recruitment software.

You missed your deadlines : Set out your aims for your hiring process from the outset, including your proposed interview schedule and ideal start date for your new employee – then meet those deadlines. Inconsistency in your actions or repeatedly rescheduling interviews suggests an inconsistent employer. Deliver on your commitments and engage with talent through regular automated updates. Provide details of what to expect at the interview, information on who they will meet, the structure and time of their interview, assessments that may be carried out on the day and when a decision will be made on their application.