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5 Reasons you Made a Bad Hire


The number of bad hiring decisions are on the rise as 90% of employers admit that retention of new employees is a problem for their business. If the number of early departures in your organisation is steadily increasing, here’s why:-

A painfully long hiring process : The top 10% of candidates have disappeared from the market by day 10 but the average time to hire in the UK is approximately 28 days. The candidates remaining in your pipeline from day 11 are unlikely to be the most qualified for your job but the majority of companies will attempt to make a ‘good fit’ from the limited choice available. A reduction in time to hire will expand your talent pool and enable HR to select better quality candidates. Recruitment analytics will tell you just how long your hiring process is taking and help you to assess the areas you need to improve. Eliminate lengthy application processes, screen candidates quickly and allow talent visiting your careers site to complete a simple registration of interest.