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5 Recruitment Technology Articles not to be Missed


Here at Recruitment Buzz, we are constantly on the look-out to bring you the best articles from the recruitment world and these five technology articles are just a few that caught our eye.

With employers and recruiters adapting to the technological side of the recruitment industry, mobile websites, recruitment apps and video interviewing software, high-tech recruiting methods will more than likely become embedded in the recruitment process in the future.

Check out the articles below!

1) Employers missing out on talent through lack of mobile savvy

r15 Businesses that have not adapted to the increasingly mobile world could be losing out on talented job candidates, according to new research. A survey of jobseekers and employers* reveals just 39 per cent of UK businesses have a site dedicated to mobile and smartphone users. This is despite a third of the job seekers questioned saying they use their mobile device to search for jobs and almost half (48 per cent) use it to research potential employers.

The findings show a lack of mobile compatibility could also reflect poorly on the employer’s brand, with almost a fifth (19 per cent) of job seekers saying their view of a company has been negatively impacted due to an inability to apply using their mobile internet device. As a result, many job seekers could be dismissing prospective employers, simply due to an unfriendly mobile experience.


2) The Times: “Graduates can expect to undergo video interviewing…”

r16A recent article published by The Times has shown that the business world really is getting to grips with the idea of video interviewing. Entitled ‘Video grilled the media star”, the story mentions the fact that leading companies, including Morrisons and Schroders, are using video interview software to aid their recruitment processes. It also puts forward the view that “video interviewing within graduate recruitment will become main-stream in the next 18 to 24 months”.

Carla Murray from Morrisons and Louise Hosking from Schroders use multi-award winning solution, Sonru and can’t sing the company’s praises enough. According to Carla, Graduate Resourcing Manager, “Morrisons ran a trial of video interviewing graduates in summer 2012 and now has replaced all graduate recruitment phone interviews with videos”.


3) IT Pros Willing To Consider Ex-Hackers For Security Roles

r17In an attempt to tackle cyber-security, two-thirds (70%) of IT professionals believe that hiring ex-hackers could be the solution, if they have the right skills needed to do the job.

A survey, conducted by IT recruitment specialists, found that tech professionals (56%) believe that business aren’t currently taking IT security seriously enough – this comes despite high profile examples of data breaches of late, such as those involving Evernote, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Furthermore, the survey found that 4 in 10 don’t believe that there are currently enough skilled security professionals in the UK technology industry that are able to take on the challenges of constantly evolving threats.


4) Got an App for That? The Rise of Gamification

r18Remember when you got a prize in a cereal box? Or tokens with your Cracker Jack? Remember how you kept buying those products just to get those extra goodies?

For years companies have used this technique to build brand loyalty, engage their stakeholders and drive business. And they’re still using the technique … except now it has a name to align with the times: Gamification.

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics into a website, campaign or application to promote desired behaviors and drive engagement. A number of factors have led to the current popularity of gamification, namely the explosion of social media, the mobile device revolution, the rise of big data and the emergence of wearable computing.


5) 6 Apps to Run your Recruiting Firm From a SmartPhone

r19Research from Potential Park tells us that over 57 percent of job seekers want to search for jobs and engage with recruiters and hiring managers using a smartphone. Yet, the 2012/2013 HR Systems survey by CedarCrestone suggests that only 16 percent of recruiters and 11 percent of hiring managers are using mobile apps for recruitment. This means there is quite a significant gap between the candidate market and the way the recruiting process engages with candidates.

Today’s recruiting process needs to be mobile enabled; and, therefore, recruiters should be able to run their practices or functions from a smartphone if need be. And below, I have set out six critical apps to help you to do this.