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5 Reliable Ways to Use Content as a Referral Tool


I’m guessing you do great work. You add value everywhere you can, and people want to refer you on their own. Clients who get what they expected and have a great experience in the process want to tell their friends, neighbors, and colleagues about us.

It’s a behavior that many people are simply wired to do. But, let’s be honest: we’re all busy. And sometimes we need a nudge, a reminder, or a tangible way to easily make referrals that are relevant.

While you may have jumped on the content train for lead generation, SEO, and education, you may not have considered all of the ways that content can be used to help generate referrals. Valuable content can act as a catalyst for referral introductions in ways that are mutually beneficial as opposed to awkward and fruitless, as is too often the case.

Valuable content is also a fantastic tool for attracting strategic partner relationships. While many people focus their referral efforts on customers, non-competing businesses that also serve your target market can be one of the most potent sources of referrals available.