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5 Social Media Recruitment Articles not to be Missed


Social media has changed. Today, it sets out to serve a multitude of purposes and no longer is it being used only to keep up to date with friends. Amongst many others, the recruitment industry has seized the opportunity and social media is fast becoming an inexpensive and useful resource to reach out to thousands, millions and on some sites, billions of potential candidate talent pools.

Here at Recruitment Buzz, we have rounded up five of our top articles centred around the social recruitment era. If you’ve missed any of these, be sure to take a look…


a11. If Social Recruiting Is Still Confusing You, Then Read This

What is it with the phrase ‘social recruiting’ that is difficult to understand? It isn’t hard to figure out that it is using social media in recruitment – or is it? Too many people are still getting confused (seemingly daily) with what social recruiting actually is, and to be honest with the myriad of ‘so-called’ social recruiting tools/platforms/solutions being launched weekly, I can see why social recruiting apathy can set in!!

So for those of you that are still struggling to grasp the concept, here is my short and simplified explanation of what social media really is:

Social Media is not a replacement for your existing recruiting processes, it should be an integrated extension to what you already do.

Don’t believe all the stats you see saying the majority of companies are hiring people via social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. In my opinion they give a distorted view on reality. The big surveys people keep quoting (on social media of course) are carried out on companies based in North America only – they ARE NOT REFLECTIVE of the rest of the world, in my experience.

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a22. The Pros and Cons of Social Media Recruitment

With billions of people using social media networks around the world these websites look here to stay. As such, a growing number of businesses are finding that social media networks are not only a useful tool for promoting their brand, but for recruitment as well.

While some business owners have already embraced social media networks as part of their recruitment drive others have remained cautious, often using them at a minimum, if at all.

This caution is understandable, especially with small business owners who often don’t have the time to research how to use these websites effectively or the financial resources to deal with any legal fall-outs that might happen. The reality is that as the workforce gets younger, more and more talented job candidates are going to be turning to social media sites to find jobs. In short, if you do not learn to embrace these websites you could find yourself missing out on the most talented employees.

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buzz_banner_4123. Recruitment Buzz Panel: Job Boards versus Social Media: What’s your take?

Last month we developed a new concept and created our recruitment influencers panel debate, we posed the question ‘What is the future of Mobile Recruitment?

This week we have set to unmask the opinions of our panellists on the subject of ‘Job Boards versus Social Media: What’s your take?’ Read on to find out the thoughts of these true thought leaders from within the Recruitment industry…

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 a34. Social Recruiting: Why it’s time to be part of the revolution

Social media has been on the rise for years, from the start of Myspace, to the takeover of Twitter. But did anyone ever think that social media would become so popular; it would lead to recruiters using the sites to find candidates?

Let’s take Twitter as our first example. There are over 500 million users on platform and the majority of them use hashtags. In fact, Twitter is hashtag central! You can hashtag any word in your tweet and it will become clickable. Those who click on the hashtag will be directed to a number of tweets which include that particular word. As a result, both recruiters and employers have jumped upon the Twitter bus and have started Twitter campaigns from their companies. And why wouldn’t they? To date, over 8,000,000 people have used it to find themselves a job!

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a45. Up your ‘Twitter-Fu’ to get ahead in social recruiting

You’d be hard pressed to find a recruiter without LinkedIn open in a browser window these days, but Twitter can be a very useful addition to your recruitment arsenal.

Lots of recruiters are on Twitter to post up opportunities, but many either don’t use it often or have simply given up on it altogether. They’re missing a trick though, and all you need to make the most out of the channel is to up your Twitter-Fu.

So what is such a turn off for recruiters about Twitter?

Well, building a follower base can be tough due to the amount of time needed to engage and converse with candidates and businesses, whilst posting your own decent content at the same time.

It can also be quite hard to find the right people on Twitter. Which candidates are worth your time? Which companies are recruiting and are they appropriate targets for you? How do you find any of them?

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