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5 Ways To Get Your LinkedIn Company Page Noticed By More Of The Right People


Your LinkedIn company page is a valuable business asset, or at least it should be.  Using your LinkedIn company page you can promote your products and services, build a following of clients and prospects, recruit talented staff and share interesting, relevant and useful updates with your followers.

You can use your LinkedIn company page to build your brand, your reputation and your success.  However, since there are more than 2 million LinkedIn company pages, you will need to take steps to get your page noticed by the right people…………. So what do you need to do?

#1 – Be Visual

LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn company pages have changed recently.  They have become more visual.

– You can display a square logo or image in addition to your company information.
– You can add a cover image that people see when they first visit your page.
– You can create banners that will draw attention to what you say on your LinkedIn company page.
– You can add icons to illustrate your products and services.
– You can also add videos and other visual media.

All of this means that your LinkedIn company page is the place to showcase your business.  People notice the visual, and the colourful, so by making use of these features on LinkedIn, your page will be noticed, and possibly remembered, by more people.


Jump in.  Update your LinkedIn company page and be more visual.

#2 – Write With LinkedIn Search In Mind

Content Optimization

LinkedIn search is a feature that works extraordinarily well.  If you’ve ever used it yourself, you’ll know that it really does help you to find the type of people you’re looking for.  When people use LinkedIn search they can use very detailed criteria to help them.

What’s really important is to think carefully about key words and what those people searching on LinkedIn will be typing into the search function.  There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that people do search for suppliers on LinkedIn, so don’t miss the opportunity to be found on this platform.

Make sure you are found by the people who you would like to find you by taking advantage of the opportunities that this feature presents.

– You can indicate where you are via your LinkedIn company page, so do so, if location matters to your business.
– You can write about your specialism.
– You can use words which identify the type of business you are in.

It’s also important to remember that Google and LinkedIn search often work collaboratively. What comes up in LinkedIn searches can also come up in Google searches.


Make a list of the terms you think your ideal client will be using on LinkedIn if he or she were actually looking for you and couldn’t remember your name.  Include all those terms in your entry.

#3 – Add Your Principal Products And Services

Products and services on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn company page is almost like an additional website. You can include details of your products and services via the Products and Services tab.

– You can target what you write to address the interests and concerns of your LinkedIn target audience.
– You can include links to your sales pages or to additional information on your website.
– You can outline the benefits that your deliver.

It’s always a good idea to write about the product or service you think will be of most interest to LinkedIn members first. That’s the same with any list.  Put the most important and the most interesting points first.


Decide which of your products and services you are going to add.  Write about them with the interests of your LinkedIn audience in mind.

#4 – Add Relevant Updates To Your LinkedIn Company Page

Engage via LinkedIn

Engagement is the lifeblood of all online social platforms. You want to speak to your target audienceand enter into conversations with your audience via your company page..

Remember that you’re drawing an audience to you via the quality of your content.  Make your updates useful, interesting, entertaining, informative and more.  Encourage people to want to follow your page so that they can receive your updates.

The updates feature can help you even more. You can target updates and send them to segments of your audience.   You might target people you definitely know you have met at an event.  You could target in terms of company or company size, or location and so on.

You’re looking for your followers to like, comment and share your content, so make sure what you put in your updates is, above everything else, sharable.


Decide who, in your company, is going to update your LinkedIn company page.  Make sure you identify a team of people.  Decide what your editorial strategy is going to be and what you want to achieve with your updates.  Then get to work.

#5 – Prove Your Value

LinkedIn Testimonials

An important element of the social web is social proof.  People show they value that you do by following you, by liking your content, by sharing your content and so on.  However, getting recommendations for your products and services helps you to prove your worth and value.

Therefore, once you have decided which of your products and services you want to promote via your LinkedIn company page, it’s time to seek out recommendations.

Ask your clients to come to your company page and endorse what you do by writing a short testimonial.These are third party statements. That makes them valuable.  You  can use them on your website as well as on your LinkedIn company page  Don’t wait for people to decide to write testimonials.  Ask them to write something for you.


Make a list of the clients for whom you know you have done a great job.  Talk to them about your LinkedIn company page and ask them to write a testimonial for you on your page.

Over To You

So what are your thoughts?

Are these the best ways to get your page noticed?  Are you using these tactics with your LinkedIn company page? What works for you?  Is your LinkedIn company page helping your business to succeed?

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