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5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Lure Creative Employees


It’s a fact: We have become a more visual society. We take more photos than ever before with our smartphones and we share them instantly on Facebook and Twitter.

Photos and images have become a huge part of social sharing, and smart companies are getting on board with sites like Pinterest to cash in on this unique branding opportunity. However, Pinterest can be used for much more than just engaging your audience with regards to your company or products.

Given the popularity of Pinterest within the creative crowd, surely turning your account into a creative display of your brand will likely attract the best of the best. When seeking out that perfect employee to fill a creative job opening, thinking outside the box may bring your company’s next superstar.

Going Visual For Recruitment

According to a study by ROI Research, the aspect that people enjoy most about social media sharing are the pictures. In fact, research found that brands who actively post more photos and pictures have the most engaged audience.

Yet, these audiences, when compared to less visual brands, were not more active by just a slight margin. Rather, the study shows social media audiences to be 54% more likely to actively communicate and interact with a visual brand.