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6 Sales Recruiting Mistakes you Should Stop Making in 2016


Every sales organization wants to recruit and hire the top-performing sales people in their field. Unfortunately, though, your recruitment processes might undermine your ability to attract and hire the strongest candidates. And you might make critical mistakes that lead to bad hires.

While you prepare to hire new sales people in 2016, make it your mission to stop making sales recruiting mistakes, like the ones below. You simply can’t afford to make them.

1. Relying on Job Ads

Job ads are only one of the many sales recruiting routes you can take to find new sales people. And one of the least effective, at that. Many sales managers make the mistake of relying too heavily on these ads, without checking out other avenues. Though you might be able to find some good candidates through job ads, this strategy fails in one major way: it only attracts active candidates.

The best sales people are already gainfully employed, so they’re not looking at job ads. To target these high-quality candidates, you should be networking at industry events, searching for passive candidates on social media sites, and establishing a referral program in house. These avenues are more effective at attracting top candidates.